815 Moonshine Hill Road slip repairs and remedial works (Red Shed) from 20th March – 31 August

  1. Retaining wall works (Porirua side) – remedial work due to a large slip at number 815 Moonshine Road. Road closures will be in place from 9.00am–2.30pm on all weekdays.
    Moonshine Road will be open throughout weekends from 2.30pm on Friday—9.00am Monday morning
  2. Road slip repair (Upper Hutt side) – June, 2017.
    Repair of road edge slip (drop out) is expected to be completed in one month. Road users will experience delays during this time.
    View ongoing updates about this work or register for email updates on the Porirua City Council website

Main Street and Wakefield St (roadworks and water and wastewater mains renewal work)

Footpath, kerb, channels, and road surface upgrade in conjunction with Main St, Wakefield St, Logan St water and wastewater mains renewal work

Station Crescent entrance/exit from the carpark by the train station will be temporarily closed on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 August while ashphalting work is carried out.
Click here for a map showing the location.

To minimise cost and avoid multiple disruptions, Council is taking the opportunity to upgrade sections of Main and Wakefield streets at the same time as water and wastewater mains renewal work is being carried out. The footpath, curb, gutter, and road surface will be upgraded as the pipe renewal work is completed. Please note that the roading improvements will extend the hours of work into the night and weekends and will continue past the pipe renewal completion of 30 September. More information on the water and wastewater mains renewal is provided below. View the media release on the Wellington Water website: https://wellingtonwater.co.nz/about-us/news/water-and-wastewater-pipe-renewals-to-start-in-upper-hutts-city-centre-monday-10-july/

General maintenance in and around Upper Hutt this week

From time to time a temporary road closure may be required to allow for physical road works and local events. There may be some disruption to traffic as speed is reduced while going through or next to a work site. Stop/go traffic flow will be in place where required. All work is weather dependent and time-frames may extend due to this.

UHCC Railway Carpark – Station Crescent entrance/exit to the Carpark by Railway Station is temporarily closed on Friday 18 August and Saturday 19 August for asphalting work.

  • Akatarawa Road/ SH2 to Pokaka St- road resurfacing repairs
  • Alexander Rd – road resurfacing repairs
  • Black Beech St – footpath maintenance
  • Blueberry Gr – preparing road surface for resurfacing
  • Blue Mountains Rd – retaining wall construction
  • Bulls Run Rd / Moonshine Hill Road (approx 1.5km past Moonshine Hill Rd intersection) – construction of retaining wall (traffic delays of 15 – 20 minutes while work is taking place), work basically completed, just requires asphalting
  • Elm St – preparing road surface for resurfacing
  • Fergusson Dr (Main Rd North) – kerb and channel
  • Fergusson Dr / Princes St – round a bout/road reconstruction
  • Larchmont Gr – road reconstruction
  • Main St (Wakefield St – King St) – kerb and channel
  • Moonshine Rd/Fergusson Drive – works at lights
  • Moonshine Hill Road – asphalting
  • Norana Rd – preparing road surface for resurfacing
  • Park St/Railway Ave – repaving of intersection
  • Perry St – footpath maintenance
  • Princes St/Russell St – footpaths, resealing, kerb and channel, road reconstruction
  • Sheridan Cr – kerb and channel
  • Station Cres – footpaths, resealing, kerb and channel
  • Te Marua: SH2 – riverbank (Hutt River Cycle Trail riverbank reinstatement)
  • Ward St – water meter installation
  • Whakatiki Street intersection, Upper Hutt (traffic signals)

Find out about upcoming proposed and scheduled temporary road closures (including the application process)

State Highway maintenance—New Zealand Transport Authority works (NZTA)

All works scheduled to take place this week are listed on the NZTA website, including the date, time, location, and the type of work taking place.

Read ALL scheduled maintenance work for Wellington and Wairarapa on the NZTA website

SH2/SH58 Haywards Interchange Project

Road realignment work on Hayward Hill Road for the interchange – Friday 11 to Sunday 13 August (day and night).
Read the media release: https://www.nzta.govt.nz/media-releases/allow-for-longer-journey-times-on-state-highway-58-this-weekend/

Read the latest developments on this project (1 May 2017)

Safety improvements proposed for SH58, Haywards: From now until 21 August, the NZ Transport Agency will engage with the community who use State Highway 58 on a proposed package of safety improvements.
Read the media release at https://www.nzta.govt.nz/media-releases/package-of-safety-improvements-proposed-for-sh58-haywards/

UFB installations

  • Norana Rd
  • Speargrass Gr
  • Blueberry Gr
  • Edleweiss Gr
  • Gillespie’s Rd
  • Sunny View Dr
  • Alleyne Court
  • Dawn Gr
  • Gemstone Dr
  • Crystal Gr
  • Garnet Gr
  • Beryl Gr
  • Jasper Gr
  • Moonstone Gr

Read more information about the UFB rollout in Upper Hutt

Water supply and wastewater projects

Main St, Wakefield St, Logan St, Tapestry Gr—water/wastewater mains renewal from 10 July 2017
Contractors will be working in sections along Main Street, Wakefield Street, Logan Street and Tapestry Grove from 7:30am – 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, with some Saturday work, through to the end of September. Traffic management will be in place, and some on-street car parks next to our work site will be restricted at times. Pedestrian access to all businesses will be maintained throughout the project.Council will be carrying out road improvements in Wakefield Street and Main Street throughout the duration of the above water works.The footpath, kerb, channels and road surface will be upgraded as the pipe renewal work is completed. Please note that these roading improvements will extend the hours of work into the night and weekends. The roading work will continue past the pipe renewal completion of 30 September.

Find out more about this project on the Wellington Water website: https://wellingtonwater.co.nz/work-in-your-area/main-street/
Read the media release here: https://wellingtonwater.co.nz/about-us/news/water-and-wastewater-pipe-renewals-to-start-in-upper-hutts-city-centre-monday-10-july/

Ward St wastewater pipe renewal: Phase 2—Maclean St intersection to Wilford St intersection late 2017/2018
Find out more about this project on the Wellington Water website: https://wellingtonwater.co.nz/work-in-your-area/ward-street/

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Last updated on 17 Aug 2017