Project update: 27 July 2017

Birdseye view of Roundabout

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Road Users

Last week saw the extension of the Northbound onramp, whilst not the final detail – it has improved dramatically the previous merge, and we anticipate that the full length merge will be commissioned in the spring when the weather enables us to construct the remaining pavement.

Speed limits continue on SH2 though the site at 70km/h and 50km/hr to the roundabout and SH58 to/from Hugh Duncan Street – this is to assist road users entering/exiting the roundabout. This will remain in force until the project is complete.

When weather permits (and hopefully in the next couple of weeks) the new southbound SH58 road alignment will be commissioned as the retaining wall is nearing completion, the tie in sections of this will be installed over night shifts and is likely to fall over a weekend.

The new ‘open graded porous asphalt’ (OGPA) and permanent line marking will be placed through the site in spring once the weather warms up. The new surface will reduce road noise and vibration and reduce water spray.

All of the new LED streetlights are installed and operational (except for three to northbound SH58) and also to the full extents of the cycleways and shared paths and these look very impressive at night.

The existing section of the old SH58 from Belmont Park to Dry Creek and existing northbound SH58 from the Hebden intersection will be rehabilitated and surfaced in the Spring also, the late switch of traffic to the roundabout has unfortunately pushed the availability of these areas out into winter which increases the risk around construction considerably and the decision has been made to leave these areas as is until the weather improves.

Manor Park Station pedestrian bridge

The Pedestrian Bridge is on track to complete next week and will open to pedestrians at this time, we appreciate your patience on the delays with this and are looking forward to seeing it being used in its entirety.

McDougall Grove

The asphalt has been laid to the new section and the chip seal to the existing section, the footpath and fence have been completed in this area also.

Park and Ride, McDougall Grove:

As we send this update the wheel stops are being installed and once installed the car park will be officially open for use.

Cycle ways

The southbound cycle way sees commuters and cyclists using it and we hope that the experience of being able to use this facility is being appreciated, at the opening on the 3rd August the northbound cycle way will be opened by Hon Simon Bridges as will the shared path and we are excited about this milestone achievement being reached.


We have managed to install in the region of 90,000 plants thus far and the plants are growing away merrily at present having transitioned well to the Wellington climate.

Noise wall

The noise wall adjacent to properties near Annabell grove will be underway mid next week weather permitting.


The site is fully operational with Wellington Traffic Operations Centre (WTOC) having control of the SH network cameras and Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) the Park and Ride, shared path and cycleway.

Upcoming works

Continued construction of

  • Final construction of northbound on ramp.
  • Final construction of new pavements and surfacing.
  • Maintaining road surfacing (existing and new).
  • Commissioning of new VMS signage.
  • Complete the remaining landscaping and planting.
  • De-commission of the compound and exit from the site

Further information or enquiries

Further information regarding the project can also be found at:

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Project Stakeholder Manager, Rob Sharpe on 0800 007 425 or email

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Last updated on 27 Jul 2017