Nappies are a growing problem

Nappies are a growing problem but there are options for parents looking to do the right thing:

Reusable cloth nappies

Gone are the days of safety pins and endless folding. There are a huge range of modern, convenient cloth nappies to suit various budgets. Plus, a family can save $4000 per child by using cloth nappies. Visit to find out all you need to know about cloth nappies and more.

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Waste Free Parenting workshop dates in Upper Hutt for 2017

The nappy lady also runs ‘Waste Free Parenting’ workshops right around New Zealand and in the Wellington region throughout the year. Visit The Nappy Lady NZ workshops for details of upcoming workshops and to book tickets.

Why cloth nappies?

A baby is changed around 6000 times in 2.5 years and there are 145,000 babies in NZ in nappies under 2.5 years. That’s a massive 348 million nappy changes in NZ every year! The average used disposable weighs in at around 200g and if all nappies used in NZ were disposables, that’s a potential whopping 69,600 Tonnes of nappies costing around $232 million to buy (based on a unit cost of 0.66 cents) and around $7.8 million to dispose of (at $113 per tonne).

Cloth nappy facts:

  • Cloth Nappies do not require, folding, soaking or pins
  • Cloth nappies are 40% better for the environment than disposables
  • Cloth nappies provide a zero waste alternative to disposables
  • Disposable nappies should have any solids removed before disposing in the general waste
  • There are 25% more parents using cloth nappies now than there were 5 years ago

If every baby had just one cloth nappy change per day, this would prevent 1 Million disposables from going to land fill every week in New Zealand.

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Last updated on 09 Jan 2018