Become a more sustainable business

Sustainable business practices are more resilient to global change and attract rapidly growing green market interest. The council has a range of initiatives to assist Upper Hutt businesses become more sustainable.

Council’s Sustainability and Economic Development teams have joined forces to work with local businesses to create some very specific case studies. Presented as business profiles, these studies showcase how local organisations are leveraging opportunities to build business models that are both profitable and environmentally responsible.

These profiles look at how sustainability has influenced their business and serve as inspiration for others. Council hopes that these case studies will encourage more businesses to consider how they could effectively approach the waste and sustainability issue. Flowing on from that we’re also hoping that they will highlight Upper Hutt as a place where a successful and environmentally responsible businesses can be built.


A worker using a manual forklift to move packages in the warehouse.

Rubber Solutions

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Last updated on 11 Jan 2019