The Upper Hutt City Council encourages event organisers to run Zero Waste Events.

This simply means reducing the amount of waste ending up at the land fill by encouraging those participating in your event to plan for minimal waste and providing a variety of recycling options at your event.  With a bit of planning, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to reduce waste at your next event, and even save money on disposal fees.

Check out these videos on what to consider when you are planning a zero waste event – there is information for event organisers as well as short clips to brief your stallholders and staff or volunteers.

Videos: How to run a Zero Waste Event

Our Zero Waste Events Guide outlines simple steps to a succesful zero waste event. Download it here:

Zero Waste Events Guide

The make-up of your waste stations will depend on your local recycling and disposal services and facilities. Some collectors will accept co-mingled recycling streams; others may require glass to be separated by colour. It’s a good idea to contact the collector to find out what they can collect and the cost of disposal. You can then build this information into your event plan and budget.


Waste Management

Bin hoods available

Upper Hutt City Council has sets of bin hoods that are free to borrow. The hoods fit over 240L wheelie-bins to create simple and effective waste stations.

Email the Sustainability Officer to book the bin hoods and for advice on running a zero waste event.

Browse the Resources & Links section for more information or contact Council on (04) 527 2169.

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Last updated on 03 Aug 2017