Free Home Energy Assessments

Free 2-hour consultations and advice on smarter homes

Existing Homes

The Sustainability Trust Home coach will come to your home and offer free advice on how to make it warmer, drier and cheaper to run. They will look at areas such as where heat is being lost, sources of dampness, the hot water system, how the power bill might be reduced, and how the sun’s energy might be better utilised.

A key benefit of this service is its independence. You will receive independent advice on products relating to heating, insulation and ventilation, and how these might best suit the individual needs of your home.

You will receive an action plan with written, professional and independent advice tailored to suit.

Please note free assessments will only be available while funding allows.

Sustainability Trust
Phone: 0508 78 78 24 [extension 712]

New Builds or Renovations

The Sustainability Trust also provides information on materials, energy, design, water, and waste for all of your new building and renovation projects. Many sustainable design ideas can be easily incorporated into the design of your new home. Typically, these are at little extra cost, and will have a huge impact over the lifespan of your building.

Get the latest information and advice on …

  • Design and layout – advice on how to make the most of the sun and plan for winter
  • Double glazing – information on the benefits and types of glazing available
  • Heating – advice on the most effective heating choices for your home, running costs, and sizes
  • Lighting – Choose efficient and effective lighting that will save you money
  • Building materials – how to choose materials that are kinder to the planet and your home
  • Insulation – information on materials and levels of insulation needed in your ceiling, walls and under floor
  • Windows and curtains – ways to reduce condensation and increase heat retention
  • Moisture and condensation – ideas on how to limit the amount of moisture and condensation in the home
  • Appliances – looking for the most energy efficient appliances that could save you on your bills
  • Water tanks – advice on rain water and grey water collection and re-use.

For more information please contact the Sustainability Trust on 0508 78 78 24 [extension 712] or visit their website at:

Home heating and insulation assistance

For information on home insulation and assistance in the Wellington region, visit the Greater Wellington Regional Council website –

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Last updated on 09 Feb 2018