To ensure that water is not wasted needlessly, Upper Hutt City Council has garden watering restrictions relating to the use of water that apply all year round.

The use of garden watering systems has the potential to waste a lot of water if used too frequently, or turned on for lengthy periods of time. It is for these reasons that the following restrictions apply.

Restrictions allow

  • A single garden watering system (a sprinkler, an irrigation system, a soaker hose or an unattended hose) at a time to be used in your garden from 6am – 8am and 7pm – 9pm, but only on the following days.
  • Premises with odd numbers can water their gardens on odd-numbered dates of the month, and premises with even-numbers can water on even-numbered dates of the month. Restrictions apply all year.
Note: Council resolved to amend this policy at a Council Meeting held 9 August 2017. The change relates to odd and even numbered homes watering on odd or even dates of the month. Previously, even numbered homes could water gardens on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, and odd numbered homes on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays.

Read Council’s full policy on water conservation and garden watering restrictions in the Manual of Policies (sections 3.14 and 3.14 – page 93).

People who breach the restrictions may be prosecuted. In certain circumstances a ban on sprinklers and irrigation systems (as above) may become necessary and in extreme circumstances a total outdoor water ban may be declared.

Garden watering restrictions leaflet

Click on the image below or download the Garden Watering Restrictions Leaflet (PDF format) from the Resources and Links section.

Garden watering restrictions leaflet

What can I do?

Conserving water, indoors as well as outside. Even small steps help, such as:

  • Fitting a trigger nozzle to your hose
  • Using a bucket of water and soft sponge or mop for outdoor cleaning jobs
  • Sweeping up garden waste, rather than hosing it away
  • Fixing leaks promptly
    Doing only full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher
  • Taking shorter showers

Find more water-saving tips at

Use a bit less water, make a big difference

Use the links provided in the Resources & Links section to find more information. Alternatively, you can contact us on (04) 527 2169 or email us.

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Last updated on 29 Apr 2019