In keeping with Council’s Strategic Plan, the aim is to provide a cost effective, high quality and reliable stormwater drainage system.

The city’s stormwater system is designed to manage the collection and disposal of stormwater within the urban areas by a combination of reticulated pipes, pumps and open drains. The stormwater system comprises 134km of mains, manholes (access chambers), 5 storm water pumping stations, the Heretaunga Detention Dam and open drains within the urban areas.

Underground services in relation to a property in Upper Hutt can be viewed using Xplorer – property search tool.

What can I put into the stormwater drain?

It is illegal for anything other than rainwater to go into stormwater drains. If wastewater or other liquid household wastes get into the stormwater drain, they will pollute streams, aquifers or the sea.

The impacts of common contaminants found in the stormwater system are explained below:

Waste oil

Oil causes unsightly surface slicks on the water in the stream or the harbour. In large quantities it can suffocate aquatic life.


Paints (oil and water based) and thinners are toxic to aquatic life, and cause discoloration of streams.

Wash water

Detergent causes foaming and nutrient enrichment of streams, and is toxic to aquatic life.

Dirt and silt

Dirt and silt smother aquatic life on stream beds and the sea floor, and cause discoloration of streams.

Find out how to safely dispose of contaminants here.

If you see somebody dumping wastes into the stormwater drain, call us on 04 527 2169, or the Greater Wellington Regional Council Pollution Hotline 0800 496 734.

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Last updated on 08 Sep 2017