The following is a summary of the components that make up water charges:

A targeted rate is required to meet approximately 20% of rates revenue needed for fire-fighting supply and will be levied upon each serviced property.

A further targeted rate, by way of a uniform annual charge (UAC), is set on each serviced property to provide 60% of rates revenue needed for the general water supply service.

The remainder (approximately 20%) is made up from income received from commercial properties charged through water meters.

For full information on water supply and charges, refer to the Schedule of Fees and Charges (page 41) using the link provided in the Resources and Links section.


Where the rating unit can be, but is not supplied with water and is situated within 100 metres of any part of the water works, (“a serviceable property”) a charge of 50% of the full charge will be made.

For more information please see the Funding Impact Statement in the current Annual Plan and Water Supply Bylaw in the Resource & Links section.

Types of Supply

In general there are two types of water supply to properties, as follows:

  • Ordinary supply – The supply of water to a premise which is used solely for domestic use in a
    dwelling unit including garden watering and the responsible use of a hose.
  • Extraordinary supply – All supplies where the definition for Ordinary supply does not apply.


  1. Refer to our Water Supply Bylaw for comprehensive definition of supplies in the Resource & Links section.
  2. All revenue meters belong to the property owner who is responsible for maintenance and replacement of revenue meters.

Common enquiries received by Council include:

Water Wastage

Q   A neighbour has a sprinkler going during the day (or at times) when they are not supposed to be using it

A   Click here to review our water restrictions 

Q   A neighbour has an underground water leak on their property.

A   Click here to report it to Council online or contact council on (04) 527 2169

Q   A neighbour has an outside tap on their property that continuously leaks wasting water.

A   Click here to report it to Council online or contact council on (04) 527 2169

Q   The water toby at my address is leaking.

A   Click here to report it to Council online or contact council on (04) 527 2169

Water Usage

Q   What restrictions are there on watering gardens?

A    Click here to read our water restriction page

Q   When can I use a sprinkler to water my lawn or garden?

A   Garden water restrictions apply all year round in Upper Hutt and in drought circumstances, click here to read more

If you have a matter that does not require an immediate response please email us, alternatively call 527 2169 during normal business hours or report your concern to our after hours service.

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Last updated on 02 Jul 2018