The shower-flow measuring bag is to help you measure the flow rate of your shower head and determine if you could save money and water by switching to a lower flow rate shower head. You can pick up a measuring bag printed with instructions on it from Council reception or the Library .

Why change my shower head?
Shower heads can range from less than 6 litres per minute up to 24+ litres per minute. If your shower is using more than 9 litres per minute, it’s like pouring money down the drain. You could save hundreds of dollars each year on your hot water energy bill by switching to a more efficient shower head. Switching to a more efficient shower head also saves water, and while it might seem like there is plenty of water around, catching and treating water is also an expensive exercise. The less water we use as a city, the less we get billed. This frees up funds for other uses and helps Council to curb rates increases.

How much could I save on my energy bill?

If you want to know exactly how much you could save once you have measured your shower head flow rate with the shower-flow measuring bag, download our shower head calculator (Excel spreadsheet) using the link in the Resource & Links section) to help you figure out how much more you could save by installing a more with an efficient shower head and/or taking shorter showers. If you have a large family, or your teenager likes to take long showers, it really adds up, so you could save even more with an efficient shower head. For example, one family (with teenagers) that used the calculator found out it could save over $500 per year, just by changing the shower head at a cost of approximately $80!

Please note:
The shower-flow measuring bags and the shower-head calculator have been developed using data provided by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, and the Upper Hutt City Council does not guarantee the accuracy of results from the use of the shower-flow measuring bags or the shower-head calculator. For best results follow the shower-flow measuring bags’ instructions carefully and try to measure the time accurately.


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Last updated on 10 Feb 2016