This page provides the following information about the Policy Committee:

  • Agendas and minutes
  • Function and membership
  • Meeting frequency and quorum

Agendas are generally available for viewing on the Friday prior to the meeting.  If the agenda or minutes you are looking for are not available on this page or you are having trouble accessing a report, please contact Council’s Principal Advisor – Democratic Services on (04) 527 2144.

We have made some minor changes to the navigation within our agenda and minute documents on our website.

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For earlier meeting minutes and agendas or for further queries please contact Kate Glanville, Principal Advisor – Democratic Services on (04) 527 2144 or email

Function and membership of this committee

Considers and makes recommendations to Council about:

  • Formulation of bylaws
  • Investment policies
  • Borrowing policies
  • Annual review of delegations and policies
  • Economic development
  • Property
  • City planning
  • Wellington Regional Strategy
  • Gambling venues policies
  • Brothels policies
  • Street naming
  • City advocacy
  • Elections matters
  • Elected members’ remuneration
  • Applications for community amenities loans
  • Shared services
  • Strategic investments
  • Rates relief applications
  • General policy matters

Membership: Mayor and all Councillors

  • Glenn McArthur (Chair)
  • Angela McLeod (Deputy)
  • His Worship the Mayor
  • Chris Carson
  • Ros Connelly
  • Blair Griffiths
  • John Gwilliam
  • Paul Lambert
  • Hellen Swales
  • Steve Taylor
  • Dave Wheeler

Meeting frequency: Six weekly

Quorum: Six members

For more information about your council, the mayor, other committees and the Upper Hutt city meeting schedule for this year refer to the Resources & Links section.

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Last updated on 30 Apr 2019