Final decision – Upper Hutt’s representation arrangements for the 2019 and 2022 local elections

No appeals were lodged against Council’s final proposal for representation arrangements.  The final arrangements are confirmed as 10 councillors, elected at large (without wards), and to not establish community boards. These representation arrangements will apply for the local elections in 2019 and in 2022.

Council adopted the final proposal for the following reasons:

  • In general the submissions received during the consultation process (including pre-consultation) supported the initial proposal;
  • The total number of Councillors is proposed to remain at 10 (plus the Mayor) and will continue to provide effective representation to Upper Hutt residents and ratepayers;
  • The size of the council is appropriate for the conduct of Council’s business;
  • The district has a relatively compact geographic area;
  • The majority of submissions did not identify specific communities of interest or specific geographical areas; and
  • Council is satisfied that the system to elect Councillors at large will continue to provide effective representation to the district as a whole.

For a copy of the full Council resolution click here (see page below)

A copy of the full report (including the submissions) that was considered by Council at its meeting on 15 August, can be found at

Summary of submissions

17 submissions to the initial proposal were received:

  • Thirteen [76%] submitters supported retaining the current number of councillors at 10. Two [12%] submitters did not agree with the proposal to retain the current number at 10, 6% [1] did not know and 6% [1] did not respond.
  • Nine [53%] submitters supported the proposal that the ten councillors should be elected at large. Seven [41%] submitters did not agree with the proposal and 6% [1] did not respond.
  • Seven [41%] submitters supported the proposal that community boards were not established. Six [35%] submitters did not agree with the proposal, 18% [3] did not know and 6%[1] did not respond.

One submitter said they would like Council to establish a Māori ward for the City.  It is noted that Council has refrained from making a decision on the subject of Māori wards.  Council agreed to continue to forge strategic relationships with Iwi that have an interest in Upper Hutt.

One submitter commented they supported the use of proportional representation voting systems and preferred the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system rather than First Past the Post (FPP).  It is noted that Council has previously considered the choice of electoral system and resolved to retain First Past the Post electoral system on 9 August 2017, which will apply for the 2019 triennial elections.

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Last updated on 02 Oct 2018